In the hustle of everyday life, finding a moment of quiet can seem impossible but you can immerse yourself in a peaceful sanctuary with Be Still. Inspired by the serene forests, this scent combines the grounding essence of vetiver and patchouli with the fresh, green notes of petitgrain and cypress.  It is the perfect scent when you need to transform your space into a retreat where tranquillity reigns. Crafted with the purpose of providing a peaceful retreat from the stress of daily life, Be Still uses soothing essential oils that evoke the serenity of nature, offering a calming, forest-inspired aroma. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, or any moment when you need to unwind, providing a gentle reminder to pause and breathe.

Scent Notes: Petitgrain, Cypress, Patchouli, Vetiver

Lit Purscents candle with a bottle of diffuser on a tray on coffee table.

I absolutely love this product

I absolutely love this product, the quality of this candle is outstanding and the scent was absolutely divine. I found the whole process effortless and very therapeutic. I will definitely be buying many more refills from this company.