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Following the UK’s exit from the European Union we cannot deliver to all EU countries at this moment.  We are reviewing the situation regularly and will update our policy as soon as is possible.

We are able to deliver a lot of our products internationally. Sadly we cannot send reed diffusers and matches outside Mainland UK.


Our candles and refills are crafted with care using a natural blend of rapeseed and coconut wax, combined with 100% pure essential oils and extracts. The wax is expertly mixed in Europe, using only rapeseed oil and coconut oil, without any additional ingredients. Our candles are completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and synthetic additives.

Our reed diffusers are made using 100% vegetable glycerin derived from renewable sources and infused with 100% pure essential oils and extracts. It is vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable.

We’ve created step by step guide on how to get the most out of your candles and reed diffusers.  Take a few moments to reed through them to safely enjoy our products.

Naturally our Rapeseed and Coconut wax pulls away from the glass when it cools creating air pockets, creating an uneven look round the glass. This does not affect the performance of the candle at all.  Wet spots only affect the appearance of the candle and not the scent throw.

The first burn is most important to prevent candle tunneling because it sets the radius for future melts. If you create a tunnel on the first burn, the next time you light the candle, it will melt the wax in the tunnel first, making it deeper and continuing to leave unmelted wax around the edges. That’s why it’s so important when lighting for the first time to burn the candle  until wax melts across the entire surface up to the edge of the vessel before blowing out the candle.

Forgetting to trim the wick before burning candles can result in excess soot that darkens your vessel.  A simple fix is to always trim your wick’s length to approx. 1/4″ above the wax before burning.

Yes it can but the degree of respiratory conditions can vary for different people. If you tend to react to scents as a whole or your reactions are triggered by smoke, then reed diffusers are a safer alternative to freshen up your living area without lighting a flame.

Yes, burning aromatherapy candles is safe during pregnancy and it comes with lots of benefits, provided you burn suitable candles. Candles free from paraffin, synthetics and lead.

Having said that, doctors have deemed some essential oils unsafe for pregnant women and so as a precaution we recommend you go through the full ingredients list before making a purchase.

Blends we will not recommend for pregnant women in our shop are:

Clarity – Contains Eucalyptus

Secret Garden – Contains Tagetes

Unwind – Contains Clary Sage

We also advise that you contact your midwife or doctor for advice prior to lighting our candles.

Our short answer is No.  Purscents candles are made using plant based ingredients with no paraffin, lead or synthetics and so should be perfectly safe around your pet.

The amount of essential oils released into the air from a lit candle or reed diffuser is minimal, but we’re also aware that some scents can cause some sensitivities to humans and pets alike so seek advice from your local vet if you are concerned before burning our candles.

There are some essential oils that should be avoided if you have pets and so we will not recommend our Clarity blend for any pet owners.  The blend contains Clove, Eucalyptus and Pine which should be avoided if you have a pet at home

Keep lit candles and reed diffusers away from pets to avoid the possibility of them knocking it over and if you think your that your pet may have ingested any of our products then seek advice from your local vet.


Each Purscents candle refill pouch includes a 210g rapeseed and coconut blend wax infused with 100% essential oils & extracts, a lead free cotton wick coated in vegetable wax, and wooden wick holder.

You can get creative when it comes to choosing a vessel, but it is important to choose a heat-resistant vessel that won’t leak, crack, or catch fire, such as glazed ceramic, sturdy glass, enamel or sealed tins.  Approx. 6.6cm – 7.6cm wide.

The wick and wick holder are all included inside the pouch.  If you order additional wicks, these will be found inside your shipment box and not in the pouch.

Our compostable pouches are made with FSC certified kraft paper and are lined with a bioplastic derived from corn starch.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure you’re disposing off the pouches sustainably.

Please dispose of in your home compost or industrial composting facility nearest to you. The 100% compostable pouches are certified to compost within six months when disposed of properly in an industrial or home compost facility. Composting time may vary in home compost conditions.

Cleaning residual wax from compostable pouches before composting is a great way to ensure you’re disposing of the waste in a way that minimises environmental impact.

Freeze the Pouch: Place the compostable pouch with residual wax in your freezer for a few hours. Cold temperatures will harden the wax, making it easier to remove. This method avoids using chemicals or heat that could potentially harm the compostability of the pouch.

Scrape Off the Wax: Once the wax is hard and brittle, cut the pouch open and gently scrape off the residual wax with a blunt instrument like a butter knife or a spoon. Most of the wax should come off easily if it is fully hardened.

Use a Warm Cloth: If any residue remains after scraping, lightly dampen a cloth with warm (not hot) water and gently rub the areas with residue. The warmth will soften the remaining wax without saturating the pouch with water, which could compromise its structure before composting.

Air Dry Completely: Make sure the pouch is completely dry before adding it to your compost. Any moisture could encourage mold growth that could be detrimental to your compost pile.

Cut into Smaller Pieces: Before composting, cut the cleaned pouch into smaller pieces. This increases the surface area, helping it to break down more efficiently in the compost pile.

Compost Correctly: Add the pouch pieces to your compost pile, ensuring it’s well mixed with other compost materials. A healthy compost pile should have a balance of ‘greens’ (nitrogen-rich materials) and ‘browns’ (carbon-rich materials), and the compostable pouch would count as a ‘brown.’

Monitor Your Compost: Keep an eye on your compost pile to ensure it’s decomposing properly. The compostable pouches should break down within a few weeks to months, depending on the composting conditions.

We initially considered using brown kraft paper as our preferred packaging material for our microwave and boiling water resistant pouches. However, we encountered a challenge in finding the required minimum GSM (Grams per Square Meter) in brown kraft paper that was readily available. Unfortunately, producing this specific paper to meet our needs would have required a significant capital investment due to the minimum order quantity (MOQ). As a small business and brand, it was simply not feasible for us to afford such an expense.

As a result, we decided to opt for white kraft paper instead. It’s important to note that white kraft paper is also highly sustainable and compostable, which aligns well with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Check out our VIDEO TUTORIAL to learn how to use your refill kit! But if you prefer a quick summary, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide below.

  1. Choose a suitable vessel/jar. You can get creative when it comes to choosing a vessel, but it is important to choose a heat-resistant vessel that won’t leak, crack, or catch fire, such as glazed ceramic, sturdy glass, enamel or sealed tins. Approx. 6.6cm – 7.6cm wide.
  2. Open pouch and remove accessories.
  3. Prepare your vessel.  Peel paper tab from wick, centre in vessel.
  4. Either
    • Microwave open pouch in an upright position for 30 seconds at a time, for 1.5 mins – 2.5 mins to melt the wax. **
    • No microwave?  No worries. Simply place the open pouch in an upright position in a pot of boiling water for 5 mins – 10 mins max to melt the wax . **
  5. Pour melted wax into vessel. Pouch can get hot, so handle with care to avoid scalding.  Thread the wick through the wick holder.
  6. Leave it to set for at least 3 hours. Remove wick holder and trim wick to 1/4″ above the wax.
  7. Light and enjoy

** Do not to overheat the wax as this will affect the quality or scent throw from your candle

There are many ways to remove leftover wax from your candle vessel but our two favourite options are:

  1. Simply put your glass in the freezer for at least four hours. Use a butter knife to gently pry out the remaining wax and wick. Wipe off any remaining residue with wet paper towel before washing it clean.
  2. Alternatively, pour very hot water directly into your vessels and wait approximately 30 minutes or until the wax is lifted and cooled on the surface. Remove the wax. Wipe off any remaining residue with paper towel before washing it clean.

Never pour melted wax or water with wax residue down the drain to prevent clogging the pipe.