Inspiring the enjoyment of scents consciously, doing our part for the planet, and supporting those in need!

At Purscents, we know everything we make has an impact on the environment, however we’re committed to doing things right for our customers, our team, and the planet. Our journey is just beginning with so much to learn and do.  With support from Heart of the City – London, we’re working hard to create a responsible business. The candle industry is known for waste and environmental harm from petroleum-based paraffin wax, and the production of virgin glass among other things, and we want to change that.

Here are some of the  small steps we’re taking on our sustainability journey:

Scented Candle & Reed Diffuser Duo


We’re passionate about creating luxurious, nature-inspired scents, but doing it right matters most to us, that is why our candles are made with rapeseed and coconut wax, and our reed diffusers, with vegetable glycerin from renewable sources. Plus we only use 100% essential oils and plant extracts for scents because we believe in giving you the best quality.

We know soy is popular among candle makers, but we chose not to use it for good reasons. Most soy comes from South America, leading to a high carbon footprint. Plus, finding non-GMO soy is getting harder, resulting in wax with residual chemicals from pesticides. According to WWL, without proper safeguards and better production practices, the soybean industry is also causing huge deforestation and displacement of small farmers and indigenous people around the world.

Read more about our ingredients and components below:


You may have heard of the “circular economy” which is all about the reusing, repairing, substituting and recycling products and materials, aiming to minimise waste and reduce environmental impact. This is a shift from from our current way of doing things, where we make products, use them, and then throw them away, creating a lot of waste and using up resources. With over 35 million candle jars ending up in landfill every year.  Imagine the impact if just 1% (i.e. approx 350,000) of those jars are reused?

At Purscents, we believe a lot of candle jars are made to last and can be reused over and over.  We are encouraging the reuse of existing candle vessels or other suitable jars with our refill candles. By offering pre-scented refills in 100% compostable packaging designed to be used with any suitable jar, we help reduce what ends up in waste and minimise the environmental impact associated with producing new containers.

Three Purscents reed diffusers next to each other


We dont measure our carbon footprint at the moment, but we plan to do so soon. In the meantime, we’re always taking steps to minimise it:

  • We use 100% renewable electricity matched with power generated from the sun and wind.
  • We always repackage materials bought in Asia at a local warehouse to save space before they are shipped by sea or road.
  • We aim to optimise box sizes and reuse paper void fill materials from supplier deliveries to reduce waste.
  • We commit to efficient processes that will reduce the consumption of natural resources in daily operations

Some emissions come from our suppliers, which we can’t fully control, but we always monitor how we’re doing and look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make our products more sustainable.


We believe in the importance of giving back to our community and supporting causes that align with our core values.

We are immensely proud to partner with two incredible charities: The Felix Project and Environment360. These organisations are doing incredible work to address some of the most pressing issues we face today, and we’re honoured to support and to shine a spotlight on their efforts.


We’re pleased with our progress so far, but this is just the beginning. We want to build a company that truly lives its values, and is a place where people love to work. Here’s what we’re focusing on next:

  • Improving Operational Efficiency: Improving our processes to gain sustainability accreditation.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly assessing and updating our processes to further reduce our environmental impact.
  • Employee Well-being: Putting steps in place to ensuring a supportive and inclusive workplace.

We look forward to the journey ahead