At Purscents, we believe in the importance of giving back to our community and supporting causes that align with our core values. We are immensely proud to partner with two incredible charities: The Felix Project and Environment360. These organisations are doing incredible work to address some of the most pressing issues we face today, and we’re honoured to support and to shine a spotlight on their efforts.

Environment360, based in Accra, Ghana, leads the way in community recycling by collecting plastic and providing technical training for green job skills. They focus on empowering women, youth, and people with disabilities.

Purscents proudly teams up with Environment360 to host community exhibitions in schools, gatherings, events, and churches to educate the public about the dangers of plastic waste, climate change, the circular economy, and sustainable habits.

The Felix Project is an incredible charity making a significant difference in London by fighting hunger and reducing food waste. They collect good, surplus food from supermarkets, wholesalers, farms, restaurants and delis, that cannot be sold. They then sort and deliver this food to charities, primary schools and holiday programmes, reaching the vulnerable, homeless, people with mental health or those who simply cannot afford to buy regular, healthy food.

They believe in a vision of London where no-one goes hungry and good food is never wasted.

How We Support Our Charities

To support the invaluable work of The Felix Project and Environment360, Purscents is committed to donating 3% of all website sales to these charities. This contribution helps to fund their essential activities and expand their reach.

In addition to financial support, we will be organising various fundraising events throughout the year to raise awareness, and generate additional support for these vital causes.

Join Us in Supporting These Worthy Causes

We invite you to join us in backing these remarkable organisations, helping them to continue their important work.